Ash & bespoke commissions

I can create bespoke items for clients, ranging from small variations of my collection through to completely unique designs. The Time collection is ideal to personalise; customers can create their own physical memory by supplying sand, wood or other materials for me to encapsulate within glass. It’s another level of sentimental jewellery. For an alternative locket, or jewellery to cherish lost loved ones, I can create items using ash, see below for a few examples. If you have a design in mind or just want to chat through an idea, please get in touch.

Time pendant with ash, dark woods & silver leaf on silver fittings.

Bespoke vessel and Time pendant with ash, wood & copper leaf on rose gold plate fittings.

Time mini moments pendant with ash, wood and silver leaf on silver fittings, engraved back.

Lampworked glass beads with ash.

Bespoke descent balance pendant (bottom) with silver fittings; work in progress.

Descent pendant with beach glass on silver fittings and larger style ball chain.

Silver asymmetric link necklace.

Bespoke solar system necklace in silver with gold and glass.

Silver leaf design bracelet.

Descent pendants for three sisters.

Asymmetric bracelet in rose gold plated silver.

Time pendant, moments chain in rose gold plate with bespoke contents.

Work in progress- Time pendant with sand and woods provided by the client.

Let’s create something together!

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